Janet Jackson State of the World Tour Stops in Houston

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Kim here – half of 2 Girls Who Travel. I had the chance to see one of my favorite artists in concert – Janet Jackson at her State of the World Tour. The last time I saw Janet was at Essence Festival in 2010. So when a friend said they had an extra ticket to the concert, I was super excited. I picked up my ticket and started practicing my favorite Janet songs so I could sing along.

I normally don’t complain about parking. I knew that it was going to be crazy, so I was prepared to walk a mile or pay an arm and a leg. I lucked up on a parking spot right across from the Toyota Center, but of course it was $25 to park! I guess I just feel some kind of way paying $25 for a space that normally charges $6! LOL. Oh well… I begrudgingly swiped my card. The price you pay for convenience.

$25 to park!! Yikes!

So let me now tell you that 51-year-old Janet (Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty), did not miss a beat and she definitely did not disappoint. Not sure what fountain of youth she is drinking from. Janet is simply gorgeous. G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S.

Another highlight of the night – Janet’s outfit changes. They were a mix of sexy and cool with her signature black outfits and white shirt and jeans. The new mother looked ahh-mazingly svelte in it all.

We were living for our favorite songs like “If”, “I Get Lonely” and “Rhythm Nation.” Her entire set was life-giving. Her band was also on point. It was like they had been playing together nonstop for years. The guitar player had a solo with a riff out of this world.

Janet also has some phenomenal dancers. I just have to give a shout out to her curvy dancer, Allison. She did that and did not miss a beat and put in major ‘werk’.

During the night, Janet also shared messages through videos and some of the choreography about racism and domestic violence. She didn’t shy away from these important topics. It was real and in your face. Kudos to Janet for doing this.

At the end of the night, Janet was truly gracious. She closed her setΒ by saying, “Houston, I love you so much. Thank you and may God continue to bless you every step of the way on your journey.”

And lastly, “Love you, Janet!” scrolled across the screen.

Totally incredible night! If Janet is coming to your city, don’t miss her show – she’s still got it!



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