Welcome to 2 Girls Who Travel


Imagine how it would feel to fly, drive or sail to anywhere in the world? You know, just pack your bags and venture to the smallest dots on the map that encompass some of Earth’s most magnificent treasures? Armed with a love for culture, adventure, food, arts and entertainment – and equipped with a laptop, camera and multiple cellular devices – we plan on doing just that!

But we’re not keeping the fun to ourselves.

Our mission is to share with you the world as we see and experience it. Throughout our travels, we’ll write about cool finds, give destination-specific travel tips and provide our takes on the best food and drinks and so much more. By publishing on our blog and social media sites, we’ll provide real-time insight as we navigate the globe. It will almost feel like you’re there! Well, not quite, but it was a nice thought, right?

IMG_7919 IMG_7985

So, a little about us. We’re both Houston residents by way of much smaller towns, (shout out East Texas and Mississippi) and we’re both self-proclaimed foodies who enjoy a good drink and a good time. And that’s where the similarities end. Just kidding. Well, not really. Though our personalities and preferences are almost polar opposites (think the great love/hate debate with mayonnaise), we get along great and love traveling together.

And Houston – the fourth largest city in the United States – is a pretty lively place to be, so in between our travels, we’ll share some of the gems the diverse city has to offer.

We’ll be revealing our first travel destination soon. We can hardly wait! In the meantime, be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram and like us on Facebook. And while you’re here, go ahead and subscribe to our blog. And drop a note in the comments – let us know what destinations you’d like us to visit, tell us the best place(s) you have visited or just say hi!

We are … 2 Girls Who Travel. Follow us on our journey.

2 comments on “Welcome to 2 Girls Who Travel”

  1. I love what you guys are doing! Take me with you! haha But I would say a great destination to visit would be Amsterdam. The culture is free, the people are gentle, and the atmosphere welcomes everyone who takes a gander upon their city. 🙂


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