Our Stay at Dreams Vista Cancun Golf & Spa Resort

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Hey, yall, hey. It’s been a minute, but your girls took a break from our busy lives to take a vacation to Cancun. Did we mention a much-needed vacation.?And we opted to stay at the all-inclusive Dreams Vista Cancun Golf & Spa Resort. Read on for our full review.


The resort is beautiful. It’s gated with guards, so no need to feel unsafe. We paid for Preferred Club accommodations, which got us access to the Preferred Club lounge and upgraded amenities in the room. The bathroom and house shoes were plush and comfy. Aside from the typical bathroom amenities (toothbrush, soap, shower cap, etc.), they had bug repellent, sunscreen, and hand sanitizer. There was a fully-stocked fridge that was replenished daily. Our view from the private balcony was awesome. We could see the golf course and beach. There’s a concierge table in the lobby and unlimited food and drink whenever you want it – more on that later.

Gorgeous property


Naturally, we have a lot to say here. The resort has eight restaurants and seven bars on the property. We tried as many as we could. Our favorites would have to be:

  • Bluewater Grill – This restaurant is only open for dinner and it’s a vibe. Skyline views, dim lighting, upscale decor. Okay and the food – delicious! They had these little shrimp as an appetizer and they were so good, we ordered another round AFTER we have our main course. Service was amazing as well. Friendly, attentive, and quick. We had dinner at this restaurant twice during our stay.
  • Food Court – Okay, we can’t remember the name of this one, but it’s close to the beach and they serve food from several different lunch stations. We’re talking tacos, sushi, chicken nuggets, and more! The al pastor tacos were amazing and came with all the fixins.
  • World Cafe – We had the most diverse breakfast here. There were too many breakfast options to count. We’re talking tamales, hash browns, omelets, the freshest fruit, fresh-squeezed juice, and let us not forget the crispy bacon – because nobody wants soft bacon! 10/10 Highly recommend!
These shrimp! OMG!!

Room service was convenient because you could order late, but the food was not that good. Now we can’t talk about food without telling you the negative experience we had at one of the restaurants. So we were looking forward to having dinner at Mi Lucrecia because they serve authentic Mexican cuisine. There was a wait of about 20 minutes and once we were seated, we were given chips and salsa and told someone would be with us shortly to take our orders. So we ate, waited, chatted with the table next to us, waited, ate some more, and waited. Mind you, there were several other customers sitting and eating. You know, being attended to. A server never showed up to give us water, bring us more chips, or take our damn order. The anger was rising because – you guessed it. We were the only black people dining inside the restaurant. We flagged down somebody and he begrudgingly took our order. We ordered our entree, sodas, and cocktails. Still – we were offered no water. Now you may be asking why didn’t we just leave then? Well we don’t really have an answer. Maybe we were hungry. And maybe we just wanted to see how far the discrimination would go. It got worse. The waiter returned with our food and soda, but our cocktails never arrived. After the initial drop-off of food, we didn’t see our server for a long time. Other servers and what we presume was a manager walked by – and also ignored us. Nobody asked us how our meal was or if we needed anything. To make matters worse, we saw everybody around us being served properly and their items were delivered minutes after they ordered them. When homeboy showed up 20 minutes later to our table saying he forgot to put in our cocktails, that was it. We told him don’t worry about it. We got up and left. Now we did see some black people in the outside dining area who appeared to have food and drinks, so maybe the discrimination was only present inside. Regardless, it sucks to have a resort this nice be marred by the terrible service at one of their restaurants. For what it’s worth, the food was good, but we’ll show no pictures πŸ™‚


One of the biggest selling points of all-inclusive resorts is the free top-shelf liquor. We partook. You can definitely get spoiled. All the bartenders were good, but we honestly had the best drinks at the Preferred Club Bar – which makes sense. Did we mention the Preferred Club also has appetizers and light bites throughout the day and night? We loved it. Val’s drink of choice for the vacation was passion fruit margarita with a Tajin rim and for Kim, it was a margarita topped with Grand Marnier. Soooooo good. Tip your bartenders, people! The resort also sent a complimentary bottle of tequila to the room.



The resort had a beach, which was nice. But beware, despite the workers’ efforts, the seaweed was heavy!! So just make note of that. There’s a beautiful golf course for those who are in to that. There’s a rock climbing wall, kid-friendly water park, fitness center, spa, and other nightly entertainment. During our stay, we attended karaoke at Desires Sports Bar, chilled on the beach, and paid a visit to the spa for a complimentary hydrotherapy session.

Life’s a beach!

Pro-tip: If you want to visit Isla Mujeres, an island eight miles off the coast from Cancun, you can walk or take a taxi to the ferry. Rountrip ferry tickets are about $23 U.S. dollars. The ferry departs every thirty minutes up until nighttime, so you can spend the whole day in Isla Mujeres if you want. Isla Mujeres has shops, restaurants, a beach, and more. It’s walkable, but the way that heat was set up, we negotiated a fair price for a golf cart, and explored that way. Definitely recommend! It’s a cool little day trip.

Golf cart chronicles


Dreams Vista Cancun Golf & Spa Resort was very nice, clean, accommodating. We had plenty to do and eat, So we’d recommend!

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