Our Visit to the Caribbean Country of Grenada

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Yall know how we love the Caribbean. We literally want to leave no island unexplored.

So in March we visited Grenada (pronounced Gruh-nay-duh), a Caribbean country located in the West Indies, north of Trinidad and Tobago. Not to be confused with the similar sounding and spelled Granada (pronounced Gruh-nah-duh), a city in Spain.

Ok, enough with the geography lesson. Yall want to know what we did, right? Right. Well, we ate, we drank, we explored, we had a time.

We opted for an Airbnb and had the absolute best hosts: Debbie and Rodney. They know everything about the island, so they made the best guide and photographer. And their Airbnb provided us with amazing views and tons of fresh fruit, right from the numerous fruit trees in their yard. We’ll link to it at the end of this blog in case you want to book!

Food & Drink

Once we get to the Caribbean, we become island gals. So that means rum, plantains and other deliciousness. In Grenada, the drinks are strong and tasty. We found a great restaurant called Umbrellas Beach Bar that served up yummy food in big portions and great margs. We actually went there two nights in a row. Highly recommend. Oh and one more thing. If you visit Patrick’s a lovely little restaurant that was close to our Airbnb, try the “under the counter” shot. Not for the faint of heart!

Cheers! Enjoying rum punch at Patrick’s

Exploring & Sightseeing

We enjoyed all the things in Grenada, including a personal tour of the island, dancing, live music and more! There was a local bus stop directly in front of our Airbnb that took us to Grand Anse Beach. Yall know we could spend an entire day at the beach! We even picked up some souvenirs from the shops at the beach. Check out some of the highlights in these pics πŸ™‚

So, would we go back to Grenada……..?

Heck yeah! There’s still so much to explore…and it’s not as touristy as other islands in the Caribbean. (We know that could change). But it was absolutely beautiful. Do you see this sunset and rainbow?!

And as promised, here’s the link to the Airbnb we stayed at: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/33400760

One more thing! We have a TikTok, so if you’re on there, give us a follow. (tiktok.com@2girlswhotravel) That’s where we post new content these days.


Ya girls took a vacation to the Caribbean! Grenada πŸ‡¬πŸ‡© was absolutely amazing! The weather, food & people were all πŸ’― If you haven’t been to Grenada, add it to your travel list!

♬ Last Last – Burna Boy

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