Romantic Vacation Ideas

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With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, you may be thinking of ways to surprise your significant other. What better surprise than a quick vacation? Take it from us, sometimes time away to escape the day-to-day routine can be a welcome change. So get your romance on with these three vacation getaways for you and your honey.

#1 Bed and Breakfast

Spend the night at a bed and breakfast (B&B), known for its small and intimate accommodations. As the name suggests, guests stay in private homes and are served breakfast. B&Bs are popular for honeymooners and there are several that focus on making your stay romantic. You can select from more modest accommodations to luxury B&Bs. The choice is yours!

#2 All-Inclusive Resort

If you feel like splurging a little, a weekend stay at an all-inclusive resort is an excellent option. With all-inclusive resorts, your lodging, meals, drinks and activities are all included in one upfront price. There are tons of all-inclusive resorts to choose from in the Caribbean and Central America. Sandals Resorts, for example, offers numerous Caribbean vacation packages. With so much to do and so much included, you’ll never even have to venture outside of the resort!

#3 Valentine’s Day Dinner Cruise

Why not put a spin on the traditional “going out to eat” for Valentine’s Day and book a dinner cruise? Dinner cruises usually allow you a few hours on a boat with entertainment, music and a multiple-course dinner. You’ll depart from and return to the same destination. This will be a great option if you aren’t able to go away overnight.

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