4 Tips for Solo Travelers

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The freedom to travel is one of the greatest things we’re able to do, and while girls’ trips, couples getaways and family vacations are all wonderful ways to travel, sometimes individuals prefer the option of traveling alone.

Some would even argue that solo travel is the best way to explore the world, because you only have to account for yourself and can do and experience all the things that you’re interested in – at your own pace.

But, before you book that solo ticket, consider these tips for solo travelers!

Tip #1 Keep Family and Friends in the Know

Whether you’re planning a trip for two days or two weeks, it’s important to let someone who is close to you know where you’ll be and how you can be reached. It’s okay to go off the grid (we all need that sometimes), but in the case of an emergency, someone needs to know your whereabouts. Share your planned itinerary, cities you’re visiting and even name and/or address of lodging with someone you trust. And then enjoy your time away!

Tip #2 Do Your Safety Due Diligence

When it comes to solo travel, safety is of utmost importance. So, do your due diligence when it comes to researching your living accommodations. Make sure you will be staying in a safe area. The Internet is your friend. Read all reviews! We can’t stress this enough. Reviewers on reputable travel sites such as TripAdvisor and Homeaway, for examples, often share first-hand knowledge and helpful tips based on their experiences. These can be vital, especially if you’re venturing off to parts unknown. Research the surroundings. Are there stores, eating places or hospitals nearby? Is there a safe in the room? Will you be in a shared living space? If so, with how many others? Questions like these should be answered well before you arrive.

Tip #3 Arrive during Daylight Hours

Though it may be tempting to book that cheap flight that arrives late in the evening, avoid doing so. Not only is arriving to your destination during daylight hours safer for obvious reasons, but it allows you to make changes (if needed) during normal business hours. For example, if you arrive at a hotel too late at night and decide you’d rather not stay there, you’ll probably still be charged for that night and may have to wait until the next day to search around for another.

Tip #4 Book Group Excursions/Tours

Even though you’re traveling alone, it certainly doesn’t mean you have to do everything alone. Book a group walking tour, a hike or some other adventurous excursion. This will allow you to meet people (possibly other solo travelers with similar interests), keep you from getting bored or lonely and allow you to remain in a public place while exploring your destination.

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