That Time We Almost Ordered Grasshoppers in Mexico

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So we’re in Mexico – Mexico City to be exact – and it’s been awesome. This trip was a little different than some of our more recent ones – we weren’t lured in by the pretty beaches and oceans – there are none. And we also decided to visit a place in which English wasn’t commonly spoken.

As a matter of fact, let’s break down the extent of our Spanish-speaking skills – Kim’s: non-existent; Val’s: basic conversational only.

Our first night in Mexico City we opted to try an upscale restaurant for dinner. The wait was around 40 minutes so we killed time by looking over the extensive menu – all in Spanish.

A scrumptious-looking menu item caught our eye … we could make out that it came with guacamole and tostados. All good. Oh, and something about chapulines. We figured that was some sort of fried meat-filled deliciousness – it sounded innocent enough.

Being the seasoned media professionals we were, we took to Google Translate to tell us exactly what tasty goodness was in this dish.

And this is when we discovered chapulines were grasshoppers … um, no thanks. Good thing we checked before ordering. This is just one example of the fun we had in Mexico City learning how to function and get around with a language barrier. Check back for more in next week’s recap blog!

And here’s a few shots of the food we’ve had in Mexico!

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