When the Travel Bug Hits …

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For the past few months, we’ve been focusing on some of the great things the city of Houston has to offer – delicious food from a variety of cuisines, a diverse arts scene and home to great musical acts and events – but it’s time to get back to what we were originally known for … TRAVEL!

That’s right. As much as we love Houston, 2 Girls Who Travel have been itching to get away and explore. So within the course of about five days, we booked three trips for 2017. We don’t play any games!

*Travel Tip: Always look for cheap flight deals! It’s far easier to plan a vacation once you’ve secured travel to/from your destination. If you come across a great airfare deal, jump on it! They don’t last long and the rest of the vacation usually falls into place. If you’re in Houston, sign up for email alerts from EscapeHouston.com.

So we’re sure you’re wondering where we’re going. First up, we have Chicago in March. We’re excited to go because the weather should be pleasant and we will be staying in the heart of the city, near all of the famed attractions. Always expect a few bonus surprises from us, too.

Then, this summer we’re going to be beach bumming it in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We haven’t spent a lot of time on Mexico’s Pacific coast, so this will be a nice change of scenery.

In the fall, we have a spectacular international trip planned … and we’re not revealing the destination just yet. But we are veeeerrrry excited. We’re still ironing out the details, but will be giving you more information later.

So what about you all? Got any big travel plans for 2017? We’d love to hear about them. Share in the comment section below.

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