Part II – Food from Paris, Rome, Sorrento and Amalfi


This post is for all the foodies who love Parisian and Italian food. My recent trip made my dreams of having croissants in Paris and real Italian pizza a reality!

I want to share some of the stand-out meals across all the cities we visited.


No visit to Paris is complete without trying fresh baked croissants.

Croissants are a Paris staple.

We decided to try a restaurant – Angelina’s – based on a recommendation from a fellow food blogger, Black Girls Who Brunch, who had experienced Paris and offered some awesome recommendations. Definitely check out her blog for some amazing pics and tips.

While at Angelina’s, we started with their famous hot chocolate. It was incredibly rich and thick. Since it was tea time, we decided to have hot tea with our meal. I decided on the truffle Parmesan ravioli and Gloria tried the beef fillet. The ravioli was tender, well-cooked and a nice touch with the arugula salad topping. The beef fillet was tender and juicy. This restaurant is definitely recommended!

Tea at Angelina’s
Truffle Parmesan Ravioli at Angelina’s
Beef Fillet at Angelina’s

Also while in Paris… we tried a trendy spot called The Fish Club. If you know me, then you know I LOVE seafood. The Fish Club is listed as a top 10 fish and seafood restaurant in Paris. We started with the flame cooked king crab with thyme butter. The king crab was fresh and tasty and the thyme butter was amazing! I hadn’t had drawn butter with thyme before, but I’m definitely going to make it at home.

Flame cooked king crab with thyme butter

We then had a huge platter for 2 and by the time we finished we were both stuffed full of lobster, crab, shrimp and prawns!

The red platter for 2 with lobster, crab, king prawns, jumbo shrimp and pink shrimp
Dinner and wine at The Fish Club


Our next stop on this adventure was in the magnificent city of Rome. We had so many good meals in Rome… I’m just going to highlight a few of our favorite things.

Let’s start with the breakfast at our hotel, The Vatican Style Suite. As the name implies, it’s less than a 5-minute walk to the Vatican and is a small, boutique/apartment style hotel. Breakfast was delivered fresh to our room every morning. We would simply fill out what we wanted and return the night before with the time for delivery noted. Fresh coffee, teas, breads, bacon, eggs, meats and cheeses were all great!

Breakfast at our hotel – The Vatican Style Suite

One thing I loved about Rome was stopping for gelato… it was so tasty and refreshing, especially during the day when it was a little warmer than the evenings. I loved the fragola (strawberry) gelato!

Gelato… I opted for fragola (strawberry)

Dinner was a treat each night. We decided on Gusto the first night.


I started with the Panzanella di gamberi (shrimp panzanella). I love shrimp, olives, spinach and tomatoes— just didn’t think I would really love them together like this, but it was lovely! I’d get it again!

Panzanella di gamberi (shrimp panzanella)

Next, I had the seabass – the special of the evening. They brought out the whole fish and offered to fillet it for me at the table – kind of cool! The vegetables along with the fish were perfectly grilled.

Also in Rome, I had PIZZA – finally!! And it was amazing! We went to a local, neighborhood spot, Trattoria Da Cesare, outside of the city center.

Trattoria Da Cesare came highly recommended. I had the pizza and Gloria had the pasta with pork cheek. I enjoyed the pizza. The cheese and sauce were perfection. Gloria enjoyed the pasta, but the pork cheek’s taste was somewhat off-putting. We also had wine (every meal had wine – lol) and an interesting Italian beer with the meal.

Sausage pizza
Pasta with pork cheek
Italian Beer


We did a tour of Sorrento and decided to have lunch at a cute little restaurant called Monnalisa, near the square.

I had the grilled lobster with a light cheese pasta… OMG— this was the best. Sitting in the square people-watching, with a wonderful meal!

Grilled Lobster and pasta
Outside dining in Sorrento with Gloria


Amalfi was just beautiful… all I wanted to do was sit outside and have a drink on the balcony! How about a perfect margarita at our hotel, Hotel Residence Amalfi?

Drinks on the balcony in Amalfi

I hope you enjoyed this foodie journey. I can’t wait to experience it all again!

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