2 Girls Who Travel Get an Exclusive Screening of the Marshall Movie

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Prior to its Oct. 13 release, we were able to see an advanced screening of the new movie Marshall, which tells the story of a young Thurgood Marshall – before he was appointed the first African-American Supreme Court Justice.

Marshall depicts a young attorney for the NAACP who has been sent to Connecticut to defend a black man accused of raping an affluent white woman. But this was the 40s and racism was still alive and well. Throughout all the court proceedings, though Marshall is the brains behind the defense, he’s not allowed to speak. Instead, his co-counsel, a white man named Sam Friedman, whose character you just can’t help but to love, does the speaking for him.

Won’t be giving much away here, guys. No spoiler alerts because we want you to see the movie. It was executed exceptionally. Chadwick Boseman (he played Jackie Robinson in 42) did a great job as Thurgood Marshall and everything in the story moved quickly – but not too quick.

At the VIP advanced screening, we heard spoken word and several speakers including Krystopher Darkins, ex-football player for the Green Bay Packers. Head to our Facebook for an excerpt from his speech.

And go check out Marshall now; it’s playing in theaters everywhere!

Ex-Green Bay Packer Krystopher Darkins
Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee’s office sent a representative to speak on her behalf and present Ciara Suesberry of Berry Dynamic Public Relations Agency with a special recognition.

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