2 Girls Who Travel Spend an Afternoon in Nashville, Tennessee

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So what do you do when you only have a few hours to spend in a city? That was our dilemma in Nashville, Tennessee, also known as Music City and home to the Country Music Museum Hall of Fame and Museum. We chose to visit downtown Nashville.

Now we know there is so much more to do in the city, but again, we only had a few hours here… so check out our afternoon.

We started with lunch at Arnold’s Country Kitchen. Arnold’s has been serving up locals for more than 35 years with their meat and 3 meal (one meat and three sides). This family-run business serves up home-cooking with sides like turnip greens, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes and green beans.Β  In 2009, Arnold’s won a James Beard American Classics Award, which honors regional restaurants that serve quality food with timeless appeal. Arnold’s was even featured on Food Networks’ “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.”

Chicken Fried Steak, Turnip Greens, Mashed Potatoes and Macaroni and Cheese
Dessert anyone?

We tried the chicken fried steak with turnip greens, mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese. We have to say that the sides are definitely the stars of the show. A test for us is whether or not we need the salt and pepper shakers at the table. For this meal, we did not! The greens were slow-cooked, giving that rich flavor we love. The food, coupled with great customer service, makes Arnold’s a great lunch spot.

Next, we decided to walk off our lunch.Β  We started by Cumberland River. Downtown Nashville is really quite beautiful. There were lots of people enjoying all the city has to offer. If we had more time, the Frist Art Museum would have been a definite stop. This means there has to be a next time!

Cumberland River

Nissan Stadium, Home of the Tennessee Titans

We ended our afternoon by walking down the bustling streets and visiting the many unique shops and boutiques that make downtown Nashville home. We can’t wait to come back and really spend some time in this city.




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