Movie Review: Whitney

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*No spoilers here! So it’s safe to read this blog even if you have not seen the movie yet πŸ™‚

We’ve all heard the stories, the rumors and read the tabloids. As a public figure, Whitney Houston’s life was on display from her rise to superstardom to her untimely death.

The newly-released documentary of her life, titled simply “Whitney,” shares the singer’s entire story all the way from childhood to her last day on this earth. Interwoven into the movie are global historical events, which aid in the timeline so the audience can keep up. There’s a lot to cover in just two hours because Whitney was such a big personality who, like most people, battled her own demons.

What the movie did a good job of was not allowing her talent to be overshadowed by her troubles. Don’t get me wrong, the narrative is honest. But her talent and voice is something that will resonate throughout the movie. The most influential people in Whitney’s life are interviewed during the movie – and yes, they talk to Bobby Brown.

As I write this, I (Val), can admit I wasn’t a superfan of Whitney Houston, but I certainly respected her talent. My favorite songs of hers are “All the Man That I Need” and “You Give Good Love.” I definitely learned some things about Whitney through this movie, which I think should be the crux of any documentary. The audience gets a deeper understanding of the relationships in Whitney’s life and how those relationships affected her. There’s a level of transparency in this movie that is refreshing. I’d bet money that any person leaving the theater after watching this will leave learning at least one thing they did not know previously about the singer. Overall, I think the movie was well done. Go see for yourself and let us know what you think in the comments.

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