Top Budget-Friendly Travel Destinations from the U.S.


Are you having a severe case of FOMO (fear of missing out) watching everybody on their summer vacations? Do you feel like you can’t afford to take a trip right now? Well, then this blog is for you.

Truth is, vacations can get a bit pricey, but it doesn’t have to be that way. If your funds are a bit limited, consider trying these more budget-friendly vacation destinations – and this is based on places we’ve actually visited. We’ve linked to our blog posts, so you can learn more about each area. Here they are, in no particular order:


Yes, we realize Mexico is actually a country, but we categorized it as such because if you want a vacation that won’t break the bank, but guarantees a good time, look no further. We’ve traveled all over Mexico (Cozumel, Playa del Carmen, Mexico City and Puerto Vallarta), and there’s so many more cities we want to visit! Now, why Mexico is included in this list: flights are cheap. Seriously, there are ALWAYS flight deals going to Mexico. You just have to look – and don’t be destination-specific. For example, if you want to visit Cancun, but an excellent flight deal to Playa del Carmen pops up, you better be booking for Playa del Carmen. They’re only an hour’s drive away from each other which means you can easily take a day trip or book a tour to visit the other. Another thing – food, shopping and activities can all be quite affordable. Street tacos can be bought just about anywhere for a few American dollars and there’s never-ending markets and shops where you can buy everything from clothing and souvenirs to liquor (note: try to purchase your liquor duty-free from the airport). As for activities, if you want the extra assurance, it’s cool to book ahead, but occasionally you can catch a better deal by booking directly the day of – just depends.

Costa Rica

You might not have guessed this would be on the list. Now granted, this was actually a girls group trip, but this can easily be a pocket-friendly destination for a couple of people or even solo. First things first, if you’re able to catch a cheap flight, the rest is rather easy. I believe we paid just under $300 round trip from Houston, which isn’t bad. Part of the attraction to Costa Rica is the fact that it’s extremely diverse in its regions: if you want to see volcanoes, visit La Fortuna; for National Parks, go to Manuel Antonio; and for beaches – anywhere is good, but we stayed in Jaco Beach and loved it. As for excursions, we found it cheaper to book with tour companies onsite. This is mostly because there are several and they will try to undercut each other to give you the best deal. Much like Mexico, a meal will not cost you a lot of money. We suggest you try the traditional Costa Rican dish of casado. It’s literally sold everywhere.

New Orleans

Not only is this a 2 Girls Who Travel favorite, but New Orleans is a budget traveler’s best friend. First off, transportation in and out is a breeze (you can usually find round trip flights from Houston for less than $100). Or there’s always the option to drive (takes about five hours); you could even catch the Megabus if you’re departing from certain cities and those can run you as little as a dollar each way! Now we know people often want to stay in the Quarter, but be aware that you may spend more on a hotel than if you were to venture out to other areas. However, this may be worth it for you if you want to be in walking distance of all the food and entertainment in the French Quarter. But we suggest you venture out. There’s so much to do and see in New Orleans – this is a city known for its charm. You could easily book a cute, colorful Airbnb in a historic neighborhood. Long story short here – NOLA does live up to its lively and party-ish persona, so save your coins for food and hurricanes! Note: During busy tourist times (such as Essence Festival), all rates in New Orleans are jacked up, so be sure to book outside of that window for the best deals!



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