Instagram Accounts that Give Us Severe Wanderlust

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Are you familiar with the word wanderlust? We know we throw it around a lot.

Wanderlust is the desire to travel.

There’s few things more satisfying than the feeling traveling the world gives you – in our view anyway. So when we’re not traveling, we love seeing where others are traveling – getting destination inspiration and getting us hype for our next trip.

The following Instagram accounts do just that. From traveling couples to singles doing it on their own, this list encompasses some of the Instagram accounts that give 2 Girls Who Travel severe wanderlust!

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@SheFliesSolo: All my single ladies! *Beyonce voice* – listen, if you’re into being catered to, you will love our girl Karissa’s luxury hosted retreats. She spares no expense for her guests’ enjoyment and relaxation. She most recently hosted a women’s group in Dubai and the pictures alone were enough to have us wanderlusting.

@DeidreWorldwide: Listen, any time you hold the accolade of opening the first black-owned hostel in the entire nation, you’re making it on our list. Not only does she own WanderstayHouston, but Deidre is an avid traveler herself. Catch her globetrotting her way through Instagram. She’s already visited seven continents!

@Dway_togo: It’s always refreshing to see the fellas traveling as well and this particular Instagrammer has got the minimalist lifestyle down! Always managing to pack nothing more than a carry-on, Dwaytogo truly spend his travel time soaking up the experience.

@justchasingrabbits: When this Mississippi couple isn’t making us hungry with their food posts, they’re winning us over with their amazing travel photos – everywhere from down south to abroad.

@mashonward: We want to grow up and be like Mashon … her Instagram story stays lit! She’s not your average solo traveler, she fully immerses herself in cities for months at a time. It’s downright inspiring to see her pack her belongings (including her cute cat) and head to places like Medellin, Colombia (where she’s currently living). She’s so transparent and you’ll be enthralled watching her do everything from learn Spanish to purchasing things from the local market.

@themamuchos: This traveling couple gives us more than just pictures – they full-time vlog about their travels! Because let’s face it – we’re all obsessed with video. Currently, they’re busy tackling all the U.S. has to offer.

@blacktravelfeed: If you want some true travel inspiration in melanin form, look no further than The Black Travel Feed. This Instagram profile curates the best of the best in black travel. On any given day, you can see someone serving face in Ghana or “hitting the dab” in Thailand.

Be sure to hit the follow button on all these accounts and also make sure you’re following us at @whereintheworldarevalandkim. We’re cooking up our next adventure right now!


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