2 Girls Who Travel Experience Black Chef Table


Black Excellence was on the menu at Black Chef Table, an upscale dining series highlighting black chefs, featuring ingredients from local African American farms, gardens and food purveyors.

We were able to attend the most recent event, hosted at Kulture restaurant in downtown Houston. Kulture owner Marcus Davis and Chef Keisha Griggs created the Black Chef Table series, which launched last year. Each event features different successful black chefs who prepare multi-course meals for guests. Davis described the concept of Black Chef Table as providing a canvas for black culinary artists to paint. Oh, and for the people who’ve been asking when Kulture is reopening, this is what the man himself, Marcus Davis, had to say. “Kulture is open. This is what we’re doing. Spread the word. If you want to see Kulture, then you have to see it through the lens of Black Chef Table.”

Gorgeous presentation

Chef Reginald Scott of Best Damn Everything (Google it!) treated us to a five-course feast last Saturday as he showcased his culinary skills. Cocktails were flowing and music was provided by Chase Jordan and band.

Look through the photo gallery for pics and details of our food, including a surprise sixth course he blessed us with to go!

Every course was delicious, but our faves were the cannellini beans, the cornbread salad, the beef cheek and that delicious savory oxtail, which is an ode to his award-winning oxtail that won the most recent Oxtail Mash Up.

Chef Reginald Scott is a Memphis native and he shared with the crowd that he plans on opening his own restaurant in north Mississippi in late February where he’ll be executive chef partner. He also said he’s got a beer garden in the works with food trucks and local beer companies, also in north Mississippi. We’re excited to see what this talented chef has in store!

And if y’all never had the chance to visit Kulture, this is your chance! The venue is gorgeous. And the next Black Chef Table event is February 19. Visit their site for more info and to purchase tickets.

Chef Reginald Scott

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