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5 Ways to Book an Affordable Flight

Call us spoiled, but we get incredulous when met with high flight prices. What’s high, you ask? Let’s just say we can’t remember the last time we paid hundreds of dollars ($200+) for a roundtrip domestic flight. In fact, we won’t! As 2 Girls Who Travel, we’ve traveled by boat, bus and even a good

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Travel … All Summer Sixteen

The heat index is above 100 degrees. That can only mean one thing – welcome to another hot Houston summer! While today marks the first official day of summer, the weather has already helped us jumpstart the festivities. From trips to the pool, outside dining on covered patios and all the cool and refreshing adult

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Summer Travel Season and Airport Security Wait Times

Summer Travel season is officially upon us. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) security checkpoint lines have been better as of late, but 2- to 3-hour wait times at some airports have been par for the course. What can one do to possibly speed this process along? Become a Department of Homeland Security “trusted traveler,” basically a

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