Airbnb … Should We Do It?



While considering our next getaway destination, we were thinking about doing something different with our accommodations versus our usual hotel stay. Why not rent a condo or a house for a few days instead of a hotel? Just something to break out of the same ole, same ole hotel stays. Airbnb came to mind. We’re sure by now many of you have heard of Airbnb – where people list and book lodgings all across the world. Think everything from fun and quirky apartments to unique and utterly amazing villas.

We really like the fact that you can search for rentals across all price points and locations throughout your planned destination. The fact that Airbnb is in over 34,000 cities and 190 countries affords the traveler plenty of options when planning their next trip or vacation.

We do have a few concerns – mainly the pictures being accurate, renting a room vs. the entire place and if you only rent a room – you are basically a guest in someone else’s home, a stranger’s home! Coming and going as you please might be an issue if you’re only renting a room! So again, these are a few concerns. This kind of reminds us of our concerns with Uber. We kept thinking, “Am I really going to get into a stranger’s car and have them drive me, at night, someplace?” Well, yes we did and now we’re converts. We love Uber because it’s quick, easy and cashless.

We know a few people that have done Airbnb and they’ve had pretty cool experiences. So we think we’re willing to give it a try. Why not? Maybe we get a cool condo in the heart of some bustling cityscape or splurge on an international trip and get a flat in some cool country. We’re kind of excited about the possibilities.

Have any of the 2 Girls Who Travel readers given it a try? What are your thoughts? Please share in the comments.

5 comments on “Airbnb … Should We Do It?”

      1. Haha, no I have not seen this article, but I did wonder about how many hosts hooked up with their guests. It’s bound to happen with people. But I think reading reviews and a person’s profile can go a long way. 🙂

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