How to Pick the Right Airbnb

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We can’t believe it was almost four years ago when we were contemplating trying Airbnb for the first time. And now look at us – Airbnb advocates!

Between the two of us, we’ve booked several Airbnbs both domestically and abroad. While we love the perks of Airbnb – such as the extra space and increased freedom – there are some things to keep in mind before booking.

We thought we’d share our tips on how to book the right Airbnb. Keep reading!

  • Read the Reviews — We are avid researchers. Part of that includes reading reviews for any and everything. Airbnb is no different. The accommodation description is a good overview, but keep in mind it’s posted by the host. The reviews are where you learn the good stuff – what amenities are provided, whether the WiFi is spotty or if there is construction noise every morning.
  • Look at the Room Diagrams — We’re always on the hunt for 2-bedroom accommodations, but keep in mind, all bedrooms are not created equal. If you want two queen-size beds for example, a room with a set of bunk beds won’t do.
  • Read the Rules — This is a really important one. Some hosts are stricter than others, but remember, you are in someone’s home so read the rules in their entirety. Some things to pay particular attention to: check-in/check-out times, whether or not pets are allowed and the cancellation policy.
  • Check the Map — While you won’t know the exact address of the Airbnb until after you book, Airbnb does provide a map of the area/vicinity in which the Airbnb is located. You’ll want to see if the Airbnb is close to the town’s center, beach or any other area of interest for you.
  • Reach Out to the Host — This step should happen after you’ve decided on a place to stay. Reach out to the host with any questions you may have…perhaps you wan’t them to help with airport transfers or suggest local attractions. A good host should be responsive and helpful.

There you have it. Do you use Airbnb? Do you have any other tips? Leave them in the comments!

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