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Okay, we know you’re used to our blogs being about our latest travels and food finds! But no good blogger functions well without reading a few blogs of their own! So this week, we decided to share some of our favorite food, lifestyle and travel blogs. This by no means is an exhaustive list, but definitely some blogs you should check out. And no shade to the fellas, but these blogs are all run by ladies 🙂

Here they are, in no particular order:

Black Girls Who Brunch – This popular blog got its start focusing on the always-happening brunch scene, but owner Erika dishes on much more than just that – everything from her travels and giveaways to delicious recipes. She’s even hosted a hugely successful brunch event and is planning on another one!

Fashion Crazed Foodie – As the name suggests, this blog combines two things us girls love: food and fashion! Syretta does an awesome job of seamlessly intertwining the two. And the best thing about it – she gives you the scoop on the hottest fashion styles without breaking the bank.

Gristle and Gossip – A real foodie mover and shaker, Renia has the 411 on every food-related event in Houston and is president of the Houston Food Blogger Collective. She is also an avid supporter of minority-owned restaurants. Follow her blog to get the latest “gossip” on food.

Dash of Jazz – From interior decorating tips and ideas to delectable dessert recipes, Jazz is the ultimate lifestyle blogger. She offers a bit of everything in her blog and does it in a very classy manner!

Feed the Curves – Don’t think eating healthy can be fun or taste delicious? Blogger Karinn shows us why it absolutely can – and looks great doing it! With an affinity for culinary arts, she serves up meals that are good for you and presented beautifully. We dare you not to find a recipe you want to try after looking through her blog.

Brunchin’ with Gelle – Food and lifestyle blogger Angelle has jumped on the scene with a girl-on-the-street guide to having fun in Houston. From hidden gems to the best happy hours, Angelle has you covered. With a tagline like “I’m not a lush, I just brunch a lot” how can you not get a kick out of the blog?

She Flies Solo – Travel is our first love, so of course we had to point you in the direction of She Flies Solo blog. Kay LJ is 100 percent committed to encouraging solo travel for the everyday businesswoman by hosting events, offering invaluable advice through her blog and social media and offering travel services. She shows how you can travel the world and still stay within your budget.

MsIndependent – Erin, founder of MsIndependent, has an interesting testimony to how she started her company (you’ll have to go to the blog to read it yourself :)). But when we tell you this girl plans awesome events, we mean it. Food crawls, fitness classes, happy hours … you name it. We’ve attended some of the food events ourselves and we love them. Her upcoming event #GirlsNightOut Houston Strong on Sept. 28 will be benefitting the survivors of Hurricane Harvey.

Deidre Mathis – With a bio that includes traveling to 36 countries, features in Black Enterprise and being the author of a book about travel for young professionals on a budget, Deidre Mathis is a must-follow for all travel lovers. And get this? Her latest project will be the opening of an international hostel, making her the first African-American female U.S. hostel owner!

The Corkscrew Concierge – Got a wine question? We guarantee you Kat has an answer. Aside from being a certified wine specialist (yes, we said certified), she travels too! So she’s the one you’d go to if you wanted to know the best wine vineyards to visit for an upcoming trip to Napa Valley.

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