Project Row Houses in Houston’s Third Ward

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We love sharing gems with you in our lovely city of Houston. After our Downtown Houston staycation, we ventured a few miles south to Houston’s historic Third Ward to check out art installations at the Project Row Houses (PRH).

PRH is all about community – by using art with an emphasis on cultural identity and its impact on the urban landscape, PRH has been enriching and empowering communities for a very long time. PRH began work with Houston’s Third Ward community in 1993 – yup, this year marks its 25th anniversary!

The row of small homes are artist residences, each home giving us a different vibe. We were so intrigued by the artwork in each of the homes. The artists are deliberate in their messages and they are powerful messages at that. The overlying theme we witnessed – gentrification. This controversial act of renovating older, often low-income neighborhoods (think tearing down old buildings and replacing them with new expensive condos that former residents can’t even afford) is happening in Third Ward.

And the artists and the community had some things to say. Keep scrolling for some things to ponder.

“For Us” spelled using tiny golden fists.

Colorful sticky notes of positive affirmations written by community members.

Community members can nominate their own Third Ward legend and place on the wall.

Emancipation, formerly known as Dowling Street.
Buy out the block, huh?

We’d like to add, as we were walking from house to house, we saw a group of young adults visiting as well. It was good to see their keen interest in the art and witness their appreciation of it. Now for more art…

The community didn’t hold its tongue on this board, which encompasses their honest thoughts about gentrification and their community as a whole.

The PRH are located at 2521 Holman Street, Houston, TX 77004. The homes are open to the public and can be viewed Wednesday through Sunday from 12 noon – 5pm. For more information, visit the Project Row Houses website.

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