Houston Restaurant Weeks Review: Fusion Taco

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We’re about a couple of weeks into Houston Restaurant Weeks, so we thought it was time we tried out a new restaurant. This week’s pick is Fusion Taco.

What started off as a food truck is now a fast-casual restaurant in The Heights serving tacos that go far beyond your typical Tex-Mex. This is what made us want to go. We’re huge taco lovers and can always appreciate a different variety.

The food truck

Fusion Taco has its own parking lot, so we were able to find a spot with no problem. However, we also went on a Sunday, but if you plan on visiting during peak Happy Hour times, prepare to wait on a spot or park on the street.

The inside of the restaurant is nice, with a bar off to the right of the main entrance and plenty of high seating and regular tables. There’s also an outdoor patio, but we opted for indoors. When we asked for a Houston Restaurant Weeks menu, they said they didn’t have any and instead told us what the special was: your choice of appetizer/side plus two tacos of your choice and churros with ice cream.

We asked for a carafe of mimosas and were told they didn’t have any orange juice to make them. Sooooo, like there’s no other kind of juice either? That was strange. We decided on margaritas instead – watermelon on the rocks and frozen strawberry. What we received? Watermelon on the rocks and frozen regular margarita. (insert face palm emoji). Luckily, we’re not particular on flavors. They both tasted very good.

We tried the porky pig queso (chili con queso with smoked pork shoulder and roasted corn salsa) and the skinny queso (chili con queso, guacamole and pico). All queso selections come with a basket of house-made tortilla chips. The porky pig queso was delicious! The smokiness of the tender pork shoulder kicked it up a notch. Now the skinny queso seemed to be missing the guacamole (insert another face palm emoji), but it tasted fine without it.

Porky Pig Queso

Tacos of choice were as follows: BBQ Berkshire Pork (with roasted corn salsa, grilled onions and black beans), Blackened Tilapia (with pineapple salsa, chipotle crema and avocado) and the Steak and Egg (with cotija cheese and salsa verde). So here’s what’s not up for debate about Fusion Taco – they know what they’re doing with their tacos! Sooooo delicious. Good flavors that complement each other. And they do pork right – it’s so tender and flavorful. All their sauces are made in house as well. We definitely want to come back and try more tacos – we’ve heard good things about their lamb keema and chicken tikka masala. Their Happy Hour has rave reviews on Yelp, so can definitely see another visit in our future.

The spread

Oh yeah – we almost forgot about the churros. They didn’t impress us. The accompanying ice cream was good, though. All in all, the Houston Restaurant Weeks brunch offering was $20 and it was a good value. Would definitely return — for Happy Hour — and load up on tacos and margaritas!

Meh 😐
Fusion Taco is located at 4706 N. Main Street, Houston, TX 77009.

Side Note: Fusion Eats, from the same owners as Fusion Taco (and from what we can tell, offers a same or extremely similar menu), opened last month in Greenway Plaza.Β 

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