Our Visit to Lake Charles: L’auberge Casino Resort


(Feature image courtesy of L’Auberge Casino Resort)

Yall know how we feel about Louisiana – not only does the state border Texas, but we love the food, music and culture.

We recently spent some time in our neighbor to the East – the beautiful city of Lake Charles – and we are so excited to share everything with you!

First, a million thank yous to the Lake Charles/Southwest Louisiana Convention & Visitors Bureau for hosting 2 Girls Who Travel and welcoming us to your city!

Our hotel accommodations were at the L’auberge Casino Resort – a 26-story hotel with everything you need for an incredibly fun time!


For real.

Can we start with the heated pools and lazy river? What’s not to love? You can literally enjoy the water any time of year. Oh, and adults – there’s a swim-up bar.

Lazy River at the L’auberge

L’auberge also has a golf course, spa, high-end shops, restaurants and of course a casino.

Waterside views

Our first night we were treated to a live oyster demonstration by Jack Daniel’s Bar & Grill Chef Lyle Broussard plus a four-course meal. You may recall us eating some of Chef Lyle’s food some months back at House of Blues. More of that here.

Chef Lyle Broussard

Did we mention the Jack Daniel’s Bar & Grill is located inside the L’auberge? Get into the delicious food we had that night.

Chargrilled oysters
Delicious smoked chicken and sausage gumbo
Housemade boudin balls – each one rolled by hand!
Grilled ribeye cap with shaved brussel sprouts and crawfish creole over charred cream corn grits
Tennesse Honey gelato with citrus pound cake and vanilla bean sauce

And we know what some of you may be thinking… what’s chicken and sausage doing in that gumbo? Where’s the seafood?

Well listen, we may have felt like you at one point, but Southwest Louisiana and Chef Lyle have convinced us – chicken and sausage gumbo is gumbo – and it’s damn good! the flavors were so rich. Seriously, you have to order some when you visit Jack Daniel’s Bar & Grill. Trust us.

Sidenote: the seafood gumbo was also very good πŸ™‚

Now let us share with you another restaurant worth a visit at the L’auberge – Favorites Southern Kitchen.

We dined here for breakfast and ordered their most popular meal – the chicken and waffles. The waffles were unique in that they were savory, infused with flavors of rosemary and what tasted like breakfast sausage. Hit them with a drizzle of syrup and they’re ready for consumption. The chicken was also tender and the white gravy was a nice pairing and flavorful.

Chicken and waffles

No trip to a casino resort would be complete without a trip to the casino. We’ll admit we’re not the biggest gamblers, but we did try our hand at the slot machine… and would you believe we doubled our bet in about two seconds?!

Turned $1 into $2 very quickly πŸ˜‰

Okay, all jokes aside, the casino has everything a gamer’s heart desires: slots, poker, table games and more. It’s spacious, clean and service was great. Maybe one day we’ll get brave enough to try our luck at the Blackjack table!

L’auberge is definitely one of the premiere places to stay when visiting Lake Charles. We already know we’ll be back. That lazy river in the summer is calling our names!

This is just the tip of the iceberg of our trip to Lake Charles. We’ll be dishing more in upcoming blog posts, so be sure to subscribe!




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