2 Girls Who Travel Top Six Travel Safety Tips

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Travel is one of life’s greatest joys. It’s a time of excitement, adventure and oftentimes pure relaxation. We all think being safe is just common sense. But sometimes, the best of us can forget safety rules. Whatever your travel plans, here are six safety tips to remember.

Before the ride
  1. Cheap flights

We love budget-friendly flights. Sometimes you can find great deals on a flight to your favorite destination that arrive super early or super late. Always consider the arrival time at your destination. Is it an unfamiliar destination to you? Is it after 10 pm? Do you have a planned transfer or ride? Consider spending a few extra dollars to arrive at an earlier hour. If that’s not possible, be sure to let someone know you’ve landed and how you’re getting to your destination.


  1. Know how to ask for help.

If traveling to a foreign country (where English isn’t the primary language), it’s vital to learn important phrases – not just the words for beer and bathroom… although important.  Learn phrases like “Help me!” or “Call the police.” or “Where is the hospital?”  These phrases might just save your life.


  1. Don’t wear expensive jewelry or flash expensive items.

When traveling, don’t wear your diamond-encrusted Rolex! Keep it simple and keep the “flash” to a minimum. Whether it’s taking out pockets full of cash for everyone in the restaurant to see or pulling expensive camera equipment out of your bag, showing too much wealth can bring you the wrong kind of attention.


  1. Know where you are traveling.

When traveling abroad, review travel alerts and advisories from the State Department. 2 Girls Who Travel love Mexico. We go every year, but Mexico always seems to be on the travel advisory list. Sometimes the lists may appear overly cautious, but being aware is crucial. Also, learn about the cities you’ll be visiting. Learn if there are certain areas to avoid or at least plan on going during daylight hours and with a group.


  1. Solo Travel

Solo travel can be amazing! Seeing the world at your pace and doing exactly what YOU want to do is awesome. Just keep your wits about you when venturing out by yourself and be aware of your surroundings. If you ever feel uncomfortable or in a situation that you feel uneasy about, listen to that inner voice.



  1. Don’t drink to excess and never leave your drink unattended.

Now you know 2 Girls Who Travel LOVE a good cocktail or two.  But we are mindful when going out alone, especially at night. If partying, don’t drink too much and never leave your drink unattended. Don’t go to the bathroom and leave your drink unattended and come back to it. Someone could slip something in. You never know, so always err on the side of caution. Being drunk or incapacitated in any way, makes you an easy target.


Drinks on deck!


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