REVIEW: Krab Queenz in Houston

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So in case you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard of Krab Queenz, allow us to enlighten you.

Instagram comedian/influencer turned actor Kwaylon Rogers (or “Titi” as many know him by) is a partner in Krab Queenz Houston. The restaurant originated in Baton Rouge, but Rogers, a Houston native who currently lives in Los Angeles, wanted to bring the signature Louisiana-style flavor of boiled seafood to Houston.

Naturally, Krab Queenz was on our radar, but we know lines were wrapped around the door and into the parking lot the first month or so of opening. So we waited.

Easter weekend we decided to try it though.

First of all, a few things you should know:

  • Krab Queenz is located in the Westchase area on Westheimer and Wilcrest. It’s in a strip center, but there is plenty of free parking in the lot.
  • There’s no phone. Well, there is a phone number listed, but nobody ever seems to answer it, so don’t bother calling.
  • They have a somewhat unorthodox payment policy. Basically you pay for your food right after you order – while seated. They do allow you to tip at the end. This policy may rub some the wrong way and our main concern was not seeing an itemized receipt first to make sure everything was correct before paying.
Pay Attention!

But in all fairness, the restaurant’s policy is displayed very prominently near the front door entrance and also on the back of every menu, so if you have an issue with any of it, there’s always the option to dine somewhere else.

We stayed.

And contrary to what we expected, we waited just about 20 minutes to be seated … not bad considering it was a Saturday afternoon and knowing how popular this place is.

Now we’re sure you want to know how everything tasted…so keep reading!

The Daiquiris

When a restaurant is supposed to be known for a certain type of drink, not only do we try it, we expect it to be good!

Krab Queenz has five different daiquiri flavors and you can mix and combine them however you like. They were reasonably priced and tasty.

However, it seemed they lacked a punch. It was hard to taste any alcohol which makes us wonder how much was even in them. When you pay $10 for a daiquiri, you want to taste a lil something…

If nothing else, they were colorful and welcome on a hot and sunny day.

The Food

There was no need to reinvent the wheel here. When eating at a restaurant called Krab Queenz, we’re ordering the crab. Period!

Actually, we had crab clusters, boiled shrimp, sausage, corn and potatoes. We both opted for the Cajun sauce, which veers on the mild side. But they offer eight different sauces which range from mild to hot and sweet to savory.

All the seafood tasted great. There was a lot of buttery seasoning and we were here for it!

The crab legs were average size, but they also offer colossal crab legs on the menu for a few dollars more. The boiled shrimp were good as well – as were the sausage, corn and potatoes.

Also – guests can get bibs, gloves and shell crackers upon request. We appreciated this!

Val enjoying the food

The Vibe

It’s a lively restaurant. There’s about a dozen television screens, a full bar and several long tables. So parties are often seated near other parties. But it’s all good because everyone just wants to have a good time and enjoy their seafood!

The music playing in the background was a nice mix of old school, 90’s and 2000’s R&B and current hits.

The waitstaff were all friendly and knowledgeable of the menu.

We didn’t have any issues during our visit. We’d definitely return.

Yes, you can get tasty boiled seafood at a plethora of other places in Houston, so competition for the restaurant is deep.

But, if nothing else, the flavors are worth a return trip.

Krab Queenz is located at 10852 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77042.




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