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Cuba is a beautiful Caribbean island that makes you want to unplug (you almost don’t have a choice) and soak it all up. And its capital city of Havana has a lot to offer.

On our recent trip, we got to spend five wonderful days exploring Havana, Cuba. And let us tell you, it’s so much more than vintage convertibles and Cohiba cigars!

We’re sharing our top eight cool things to do in Havana, Cuba. Keep reading!

  1. Sunset at El Morro. Located across the bay from Old Havana, this landmark encompasses a fortress that was used to guard the entrance to Havana back in the day. Today you can visit (a taxi ride got us there) and look at the beautiful fortress, sit on top of the canon and get one of the most beautiful sunset views in Havana.

    A beautiful sunset in Cuba.
  2. Cristo de La Habana. Translated to “The Christ of Havana,” this massive sculpture stands 66 feet high and depicts Jesus on a hilltop overlooking the bay in Havana. The statue is not far from El Morro, so it’s worth seeing if you’re in the area.

    Christ of Havana
  3. Get an authentic Cuban sandwich at D’Next. Branded as a bar and cafeteria, D’Next is a welcome sight for any traveler to Havana. The lively sports bar emits a welcoming vibe and here you can unwind with a good cocktail and pick from any number of their delicious pizzas or sandwiches. Val was on the hunt for an authentic Cuban sandwich and found the perfect one here!

    Cuban sandwich
  4. Live music at La Zorra y el Cuervo. You know 2 Girls Who Travel are fans of live music, so a visit to La Zorra y el Cuervo jazz club was just what the doctor ordered. Things to note: the club opens at 10pm Monday through Saturday and at 2pm on Sunday. If attending the show at night, the line to get in gets extremely long. It’s best to get there around 9:30pm to ensure a good spot ahead of the crowd. Once in, admission of 10 CUC gets you views of live music and two alcoholic drinks – a great deal!

    Kim and Val enjoying drinks at the jazz club
  5. Art at Fabrica de Arte Cubano. This place may best be described as an art gallery and night club in one. It’s such a vibe. There’s multiple bars, art installations and a huge dance floor with a projector showing popular music videos. On the night we went, they even had an orchestra performing in one of the rooms and free salsa lessons on the main dance floor. We saw patrons from a range of ages which was awesome. Also, instead of paying for each drink, upon admission you pay 2 CUC for a ticket that you must hold onto. As you purchase drinks throughout the night, they stamp your ticket. When you leave the club, you check out with your ticket and pay your tab then. Cool concept and it worked smoothly. Lines here also get super long and we witnessed it wrapped around the entire building!
    This is Cuba made up of small colorful keys!
    Hey there, Bob Marley and Michael Jackson!
    Hey yall!

    This place is pretty dope!
  6. Dine at El Cocinero. Literally a few steps from Fabrica de Arte, this rooftop restaurant is super cute and fancy. Aside from the view, the food was delicious and the restrooms were clean! Here’s a little 2GWT tip, order the bread. It’s like 2 or 3 CUC, but it’s so worth it! It comes with a cheese spread and the most amazing pesto butter we’ve ever had. Go early enough so you can eat there before it gets crowded (around 6pm) – or make a reservation – and then walk over to Fabrica de Arte to beat their crowd (which in our case started around 9pm). YOU’RE WELCOME.
    This appetizer had shrimp in a corn soup – so good!
    Lobster and spiced rice

    Pork loin and vegetables
  7. Go to Playas del Este. These are the strips of beaches in Havana. Our awesome taxi driver took us to a beautiful part of the beach which was not crowded and close to lots of dining options. The weather behaved beautifully so we were able to soak up some sun and enjoy the clear water and white sand beaches.

  8. Stay in Cojimar. A small fishing town located east of Havana, Cojimar is a wonderful place to stay to get a break from the bustling city life in Old Havana. We stayed at a lovely Airbnb right by the water (because we know how Kim loves her water). The town was walkable so we walked to restaurants, small shops and a fortress was literally a stone’s throw away, so we were able to explore that as well!
    Fortress in Cojimar

    Streets of Cojimar

Our experience in Havana was nothing short of amazing and as long as Americans are still able to travel there, we encourage you to go and support the Cuban people. Be sure to check out our blog post with tips for US travelers going to Cuba first!

Have you been to Cuba? If so, what did you enjoy most? Let us know in the comments.

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