Tulum Travel Guide: Top Things To Do


Hey Wanderlusters!

By now, you’ve probably read our first blog post for the Tulum Travel Guide which focused on getting there and how to get around. If you haven’t checked it out, you can do so here.

Now we want to share some of the best things to do in Tulum!

It’s a super cute town with tons of varied experiences for any traveler. Keep reading for 2 Girls Who Travel’s top things to do in Tulum.

  • Go to a cenote. Literally every single person in Tulum asked us if we had/were going to see a cenote when they found out we were travel writers. However, we didn’t visit one! But that was mostly due to time constraints. Listen, the cenotes in and around Tulum are gorgeous. We’re sure you’ve seen enough Instagram posts and travel photos to know that. Aside from gorgeous photos, you can dive into and swim in some. We actually visited a cenote on our trip to Playa del Carmen.
  • Visit the Mayan Ruins. Something we knew we wanted to do while in Tulum was visiting the Mayan ruins there. These ruins are located on high cliffs overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Expect to spend about an hour here exploring…oh yeah and a few tips!
    • Explore independently. They’ll try to get you to book a guided tour with them, but unless you plan on swimming or taking a water excursion, it’s definitely not necessary.
    • Try to arrive early to avoid crowds and while the weather is cooler.
    • Pack bottled water. There’s nowhere to get water after you pass the entrance, so be sure to pack some in your backpack.
    • Ruins admission is exact change only. At the time we went, it was 75 pesos.
  • Spend a day at the beach. This pretty much goes without saying, but definitely go to the beach. Tulum is known for some pretty swanky beachside hotels and resorts and high-end restaurants. We happened to visit the beach on a day where the weather was beautiful and the beach wasn’t crowded so we laid out and enjoyed some drinks. *Note: a lot of the beach clubs will allow you access to the cabanas as long as you purchase food or drink.
  • Check out the IK Art Gallery. If you want modern/contemporary art combined with treehouse vibes, then the IK Lab is for you. It’s located in the seaside Azulik Resort. You have to take your shoes off upon entrance (we’re assuming to help preserve the wood) and then you can follow the winds and curves of the gallery. It’s better experienced than talked about, but maybe these pictures can create a visual! Oh— and admission is free but tips are accepted. Expect to spend about 30 minutes there.
  • Hop on a bike. Listen, every blog you read and most all research we did will tell you how Tulum is super bike-friendly. And it is – for the most part. We saw numerous people riding the streets in town and along the beach. Our Airbnb even had two free bikes to use during our stay. There are bike rental shops all around. However, our recommendation is that you be an experienced rider because the streets were a bit too near to the sidewalk for our liking. But it’s definitely a great way to get around town.
All smiles on the beach
The vine-like wood and cement is so artistic in the IK Lab
The IK Lab is gorgeous
The Mayan Ruins in Tulum
The Mayan Ruins in Tulum overlook the Caribbean Sea
Many of the beach clubs will let you use their cabanas if you purchase food or a beverage.

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