2 Girls Who Travel Visit Baton Rouge for LSU Homecoming Weekend

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Our affinity for Louisiana knows no bounds.

So when Louisiana’s Office of Tourism and Louisiana Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser invited 2 Girls Who Travel out to Baton Rouge for some fun and football, it was pretty much a no-brainer. Aaaaaand, it just so happened to be Louisiana State University’s (LSU) homecoming weekend, so we were pretty excited!

So yeah about that. LSU Homecoming is a huge event! More on this later…

On Saturday morning our first stop was at The Ruby Slipper Cafe. We were joined by other bloggers from coast to coast to enjoy a delicious brunch.

If The Ruby Slipper Cafe sounds familiar, that’s because they have multiple locations – from its flagship Mid-City, New Orleans location to as far as Pensacola, Florida.

Their Baton Rouge location opened in the summer of 2017 and is located in a corner space of the Acadian Village Springs Shopping Center.

If you’re anything like us, brunch equals a mixture of sweet and savory. The Ruby Slipper Cafe didn’t disappoint. Val had the crispy chicken sandwich while Kim opted for The Peacemaker (your choice of any two benedicts). And for our sweet tooth, we shared an order of the cinnamon swirl pancakes. *Note: The pancake was massive! Great for sharing.

The cinnamon swirl pancake was the size of the entire plate!
Benedict with pork debris and shrimp

After brunch we spiced things up with a tour of the Red Stick Spice Co. Get it? Spice? *slaps knee*

As soon as you walk through the door, you’re hit with all these aromas of every kind of spice imaginable. We’re not joking. This place literally has everything!

Red Stick Spice Co. sources local ingredients and the owner Anne Milneck is so knowledgeable about each and every spice in the shop. The spice blends really tickled our fancy. Essentially, Anne and her team have taken the headache out of dishes and meals that require a ton of different spices and seasonings. The spice blends are just that – various groups of spices blended proportionately and packaged so you can throw it in your food and go!

Val picked up a blend for jerk chicken and Kim selected one for a pot roast. Can’t wait to try them out!

The rum cake was a perfect combination of a dessert and cocktail in one!
Red Stick Spice Co. owner Anne (center) with the bloggers

Next up was a tour of the Three Roll Estate distillery. We saw barrels upon barrels of alcohol and Taylor explained how it is fermented. We can’t recall word-for-word, but we know it starts with the sugarcane grown right on its grounds.

Issa tour!
Award-winning spirits
The Cane Killer made with – you guessed it – sugarcane!

After the tour we headed out to the LSU campus where it was a sea of purple and yellow. Everybody knows the essential component of any good football game is the tailgating. And boy did we partake.

Louisiana Travel was gracious enough to host us in their VIP tent where the drinks were flowing and the food was superb. We’re talking etouffee, fried catfish, gator mac and cheese — oh yeah… and how aboutΒ  a whole fresh gator? We’re not joking.

Thanks Drago’s!

Check out some more pics from our tailgating festivities!

Kim, Louisiana Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser & Val
Hey Gretchen!
The crew posing with the LSU Tiger statue
People line up to see and hear the band … this means the game is about to start!

Yall, this game was something serious! Here’s what you need to know…LSU beat the University of Florida Gators 42-28.

Quick pic outside of Tiger Stadium

We forget how many people Tiger Stadium holds, but just know that every single seat was filled!

The morning after the game hit us hard…partly because it took us two hours to get back to the hotel! Yup, LSU homecoming is such a big deal that the city of Baton Rouge pretty much shuts down. But Red Stick Adventures maneuvered us throughout the city (and the uber crowded parking lot) with ease!

Sunday morning we had another adventure that we could not miss! Being the country girls that we are at heart, we were actually very excited to be going on a swamp tour with Cajun Pride Swamp Tours in LaPlace, Louisiana.

Now we’ve been on a swamp tour before, but can we just say that Captain Tom made this one amazing?! He had a super thick Cajun accent and told the best stories. You can tell he knows his stuff and we saw tons of gators on this trip…and raccoons!

Fake gator
Fake gator
Real gator
Captain Tom

After the swamp tour, Captain Tom took a few minutes to chat with 2 Girls Who Travel. Here’s the culmination. He’s awesome!

A thousand thank yous to Louisiana Travel and Lt. Governor Nungesser for having us! We had a blast! Geaux Tigers!!

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