REVIEW: That’s My Dog

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Hey, yall!

So we finally crawled out from the socially distanced rock we’ve been under … and for good reason.

We paid a visit to a black-owned business located in the suburbs outside of Houston. As a Katy resident, Val has passed by this restaurant numerous times and we decided to give it a try this past Sunday afternoon.

That’s My Dog is best known for its gourmet hot dogs and started off as a hot dog cart in 2013. Today, it’s located in a small strip center in Katy. Tuesday through Saturday, the restaurant serves their gourmet hot dogs and Sunday they also offer a soul food menu.

First things first, they are serious about COVID and are abiding by alllllll the recommended guidelines. Only so many customers are allowed in at a time and they have markers on the floor designating six feet of distance from each customer. All guests are required to wear masks and all employees wear masks and gloves. As we waited in line, we noticed a line forming outside of the restaurant, so COVID or not, people seemed to like this place.

The restaurant enforced social distancing guidelines.

Guests get a choice of eight hot dog combo meals, which includes the dog of choice with chips and a drink. Choices include hot dogs topped with chili and cheese, coleslaw and smoked brisket, to name a few. You can also substitute the hot dog with a smoked link instead. They have vegetarian options as well.

Something else we also found impressive was the restaurant’s five-star rating on Yelp. That’s hard to do! So we were pretty amped to try the food. And naturally we had looked at the menu ahead of time so we knew what we wanted to order.

We both went with the number five, which is a hot dog topped with smoked brisket, shredded cheese and onion. It’s also drizzled with something the restaurant refers to as “that sauce” which can best be described as a thin sweet-tasting barbecue sauce. Val substituted chips for fries while Kim subbed her hot dog for a smoked link and opted for chili cheese fries instead of chips.

The verdict on the hot dogs — they were delicious, and that’s thanks to the smoked brisket. It was so tender, smokey and flavorful. Normally, you wouldn’t think of a hot dog restaurant serving such a hearty meal, but we were both full afterwards. The fries are crinkled with seasoning and while they were okay, the hot dog is really the star of the show.

And the staff is so friendly. We felt very welcomed as we were greeted at the door and thanked for supporting this business. We highly suggest you support them, too! Small businesses in the burbs rely on community support and we give That’s My Dog our stamp of approval.

Now we gotta see about that Soul Food Sunday menu…

That’s My Dog is located at 22635 Morton Ranch Road, Katy, Texas 77449.

This Wall of Fame features celebrity visitors as well as individuals who were able to beat the challenge of consuming 2 links on hoagie buns topped with BBQ brisket, chicken, ribs, a side of fries, a side of coleslaw and a 24oz. drink in less than 30 minutes!



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