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Livin La Pura Vida…

Hello, hello, Val here. It’s been about a week since I returned from my Costa Rica vacation with five of my girlfriends from college and well, I’m still fighting the urge to go back! While that may not be in the cards now, I highly recommend Costa Rica as a destination if you’re in the

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Travel Tip of the Week: How to Negotiate

When vacationing, one of the most touristy and let’s admit it – downright fun – things to do is go shopping or bargain hunting for cool finds and souvenirs. And part of that involves a skill some are good at and others could stand to learn a thing or two about – negotiating. Check out

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Girls Weekend: Staycation Done Right

While the holiday season gives us good vibes all over, there is also a certain level of stress (holiday shopping, end of the year wrap-up at work and a million and one holiday parties to attend) that comes along with it. Often, there isn’t enough time for a full vacation and sometimes a vacation just

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