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Val and Kim’s Travel Confessions

Does it look like we have it all together when we travel? If so, great. As bloggers, that’s kind of the point. But…lean in close. We actually don’t. Shocker, right? So much goes on behind the scenes! As travelers, we each have our own little quirks. And we’re going to share some of them with

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2 Girls Who Travel at the Movies: “Girls Trip” Rakes in $30.4M Opening Weekend

Kim here – half of 2 Girls Who Travel. This weekend I spent some quality time with my Love.Work.Repeat. family for a Girls Night Out at the Movies. And what better movie to gather all the ladies at than the much anticipated “Girls Trip?” “Girls Trip” raked in a whopping $30.4 million; the biggest opening

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Livin La Pura Vidaโ€ฆ

Hello, hello, Val here. Itโ€™s been about a week since I returned from my Costa Rica vacation with five of my girlfriends from college and well, Iโ€™m still fighting the urge to go back! While that may not be in the cards now, I highly recommend Costa Rica as a destination if youโ€™re in the

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