Val and Kim’s Travel Confessions

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Does it look like we have it all together when we travel?

If so, great. As bloggers, that’s kind of the point. But…lean in close. We actually don’t.

Shocker, right?

So much goes on behind the scenes! As travelers, we each have our own little quirks. And we’re going to share some of them with you. Keep reading for our travel confessions…

  1. Kim is always late. Everywhere – to the airport, dinner, tours… She takes fashionably late to a whole other level. We’re working on that.
  2. Val is horrible with directions. No, seriously. Spin her around once and she would not know which way is home. Navigation should not be left up to her and keeping it simple is best — do we make a left or a right?
  3. Kim snores. Loudly. Yes, we know. Val didn’t believe her either when she said it. But now she packs earplugs every trip.
  4. Val’s phone is often on the fritz. Yes, the bill is paid…but social media, the Internet, the camera – all have been unusable at one point or another on vacation. Storage space is always an issue. Good thing we bring extra devices!
  5. Kim is the Lysol queen. The airport…public restroom…hotel room, it doesn’t matter. Everything is getting sprayed down. And we’re not mad at that. Folks can be nasty.
  6. Val is anal about packing. Shoes can’t touch clean clothes, dirty clothes can’t touch clean clothes, etc. There’s a strict method to her packing. Oh and she unpacks her entire suitcase and then repacks it again right before she checks out of the hotel.
  7. Val and Kim are packing procrastinators. Listen, it doesn’t matter what time of day or day of the week the trip is. It doesn’t matter if we book the flight six months in advance. We are always going to pack our bags a few hours before the trip. Period!

So as you can see, we’re human! Our travel isn’t always seamless. But it’s cool. We prefer it that way lol

What are some of your travel confessions? Let us know in the comments.


1 comments on “Val and Kim’s Travel Confessions”

  1. I can’t travel enough due to financial constraints. ☺ I maybe calling you soon for ideas about marketing for Infinity! Safe travels y’all! Peace and love.✌


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