REVIEW: Lost & Found

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Editor’s Note: This review was written prior to us catching wind of some people saying they experienced discriminatory practices at the door (i.e. dress code not being enforced the same for all races). For a more detailed account, click here. There are also similar stories about this establishment on Yelp. We reached out for comment addressing these concerns and received the following response (we’re assuming this was sent to the person(s) who visited):

β€œWe do not support discrimination of any sort and sincerely apologize if you felt this way after visiting our establishment. We take discrimination allegations very seriously and our employees regularly undergo diversity sensitivity training. Our goal with any dress code is to set a standard for an sophisticated dining experience and atmosphere. Our dress codes are enforced with regard to everyone and everybody, regardless of race, ethnicity, creed, sexual orientation, or any other protected characteristic. Lost & Found prides itself on being an inclusive company.”

A blogger friend of ours said she was contacted by the owner directly and he stated Lost & Found would no longer be enforcing a dress code. In full transparency, as black women, we’re disappointed in any establishment that discriminates against us. Our experience visiting Lost & Found was wonderful. But it was also a private media tasting during the soft opening and prior to any sort of “dress code.” We decided to publish the blog in spite of the discrimination claims because we didn’t want to punish the awesome people we encountered (the chef, waitresses, etc.) for things they can’t control. It’s entirely up to you to decide if you want to patronize this establishment. But we wanted to give you as much information as possible to help with that decision. Now, that that’s out of the way… enjoy the blog πŸ™‚

What’s up, friends?! We’re starting the year off telling you about the new “it” spot in Houston.

Lost & Found is a restaurant and bar located in Midtown (or Fourth Ward) and pretty much hits on all cylinders. Let’s get into it.

We were invited out along with other food bloggers and influencers for a private tasting of their menu during their soft opening.

But first — the decor catches your eye. Clearly the owners – who are also behind the uber popular Prospect Park – made sure that folks would be able to get allll their shots for Instagram. Bright, neon colors and lots of pretty backdrops. Naturally, we had to take a boomerang in front of this multicolored flower wall at the entrance.

The menu follows suit.

Lost & Found offers five signature cocktails ($13 each) and they each offer their own special something. Our personal favorites were the Golden Cadillac – made of tequila, Hennessey VS, pineapple, lime and its own little bottle of Grand Marnier – and Champagne Showers – made of Hennessey VS, banana rum, lime and champagne foam. The Champagne Showers cocktail is adorned with its own little purple flower.

Golden Cadillac
Champagne Showers

The food did not disappoint, either. Chef T, who created the menu, put her foot in everything! Here’s a rundown of what we sampled…

This crawfish bread…lawd this crawfish bread. French bread with cheese and crawfish tails on top and it tastes like heaven. We literally forgot to take a full picture of the bread only, but order it and thank us later.

The combo you need in your life!

Lost & Found also offers shrimp and crawfish dip, which features the same concoction with shrimp and served with tortilla chips – also tasty.

Shrimp and crawfish dip

Naturally, you can’t really have a bar without wings and Lost & Found offers chargrilled wings with a choice of two sauces: if you like spicy wings, order the jerk version with the “lost sauce” or for a more sweet and tangy taste, try the “found sauce” option made with Hennessy BBQ sauce.

Chargrilled wings

We also tried the fried pork ribs, which come with a Hennessey BBQ sauce that is really the key to this dish.

Fried pork ribs

While they did bring out gumbo, we didn’t get to sample a lot of it, so we’d need another go round to give a detailed review. But we do know it comes with chicken, andouille sausage, shrimp and blue crab!


Please don’t sleep on the delicious appetizer that is the fried cauliflower (vegetarians, we see you). They are so good and they come with three sauces. Our suggestion is to get the sweet and spicy sauce.

Fried cauliflower

After alllll that, can you believe we tried dessert, too? We sampled Lost & Found’s dessert offerings of chocolate bread pudding and S’mores cookie. That cookie was sweet and the perfect closing to any meal.

Chocolate bread pudding and S’mores cookie

Aesthetically speaking, patrons will be pleased. We mentioned the colorful walls that make beautiful picture backdrops. There’s also patio seating on two levels, plenty of TVs, hookah and a designated parking lot (valet). Which reminds us, you can’t leave before taking a picture of/by the Travis Scott mural.

Travis Scott mural

Overall, this spot had a nice vibe. We feel like it will get popular real quick. Lost & Found is already attracting some celeb attention from the likes of rapper Bun B, Houston Texans player Deshaun Watson and some guy named Drake.

Pinata’s Zebra

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