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Hello beautiful people.

So there’s this restaurant that we’ve visited several times, but never got around to blogging about it.

Shame on us. Let’s fix that.

If you’ve yet to see, hear about or dine at Poitin, play close attention.

Located in Sawyer Yards, Poitin has about 10,000 square feet of inside and outside space and one of the best views of downtown Houston.

Cocktails with a view


We’ve visited Poitin and tried their happy hour food and cocktail selections, but bear in mind, the menu changes often so some of the items we had a few months ago are no longer on the menu.

Some happy hour bites

Now, their chicken wings we remember being very good and those can still be found on the happy hour menu.

And speaking of happy hour, Poitin’s is kind of a great deal. They have a daily happy hour (yes, daily) from 4-6pm. Additionally, from Sunday-Wednesday they have a late happy hour from 9pm-close. During those times you get $3 off all bar snacks.

More recently, we tried Poitin’s brunch. Same great views and we would suggest you order the bellini. It packed a good punch. Their mimosas were also good. We had pineapple.

As mentioned before, the menu changes regularly as do seasonal items. We ordered the FCS, a sandwich made with a fried chicken thigh, shaved cabbage slaw and hot sauce aioli served with fries. It’s currently served on a potato bun.


The sandwich was pretty good, but we’re bias because you really can’t go wrong with a chicken thigh (best part of the chicken).

The real MVP, though, was the ranch dipping sauce. It doesn’t come with the meal, we asked for it on the side and boy was it good!

Now before we leave you, there’s a couple of things we feel you should know about Poitin.

#1 – it’s a must you take a picture on the patio with the Houston skyline in the background (it’s especially beautiful at sunset)

#2 – the correct way to pronounce the restaurant’s name is PUUT-cheen. And for even more clarity, here’s executive chef Dominick Lee sharing the appropriate way to pronounce it.

Poitin is located at 2313 Edwards St #100, Houston, TX 77007.




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