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Family Style Dinner at Sud Italia

We have done our fair share of dining out. But one of the things we love most about it is the experience. Whether it’s catching up with friends over brunch, a much needed happy hour after work or date night with bae, there’s a reason people across the globe are always eating out! 2 Girls

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Post Harvey Restaurant Visit: The Rouxpour in Sugar Land

After Harvey left and took with it its rain and dark cloud of destruction, 2 Girls Who Travel decided to get back to the food. We had been cooped up in the house long enough, so we decided to venture over to Sugar Land and try a restaurant that’s been on our radar for some

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Houston Heights Fave Does Not Disappoint

The Houston Heights area has an abundance of must-dine restaurants. While driving down Heights Boulevard, 2 Girls Who Travel spied the much-talked about Lee’s Fried Chicken & Donuts, two things we cannot resist. So we decided to stop! As we stepped into this cute neighborhood hot spot, we were welcomed instantly. Now we had some

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